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Design & Planning

In a large proportion of our domestic and commercial projects we work closely with garden designers, landscape architects and consultants. We enjoy a close professional relationship with all our designers & consultants which ensures the smooth delivery of projects through communication, teamwork and a joint understanding of the vision at all levels. All our projects succeed through teamwork and respect for the skills all parties bring together, after all we are the element that brings the vision to reality.

With this attitude and commitment we find ourselves as preferred contractor to The Garden Design Company Scotland who are based in Milltimber, Aberdeen. Founded and lead by Kirsty McLean, The Garden Design Company Scotland shares a similar ethos of quality, attention to detail and customer focus that we adhere to. We have carried out many of their design projects, both prestigious domestic and commercial including works for BBC TV’S The Beechgrove Garden programme where Kirsty is one of their lead designers.

If you have a project idea requiring any design requirements we highly recommend with these elements in mind that you contact Kirsty McLean at the following email:

Visit Kirsty's website: Garden Design Scotland